About Us


The company was founded by Frank Xerri in 2002 as a licensed builder after working in the construction industry from a very young age. At the time the demand for the restoration of old houses was high and this provided an ideal opportunity specialise in this field.

From farmhouses to townhouses, lrrecs Ltd. has restored and transformed numerous homes and offices to great splendour. This however was just the beginning of the journey as lrrecs Ltd. soon began specialising even further into restoration and conservation.

From a humble beginning they can no proudly include the great Fort St.Elmo in Valletta, the National Interactive Science Centre project at the old Naval Hospital complex in Bighi, and ongoing works on the Design Cluster, Old Slaughter house in Valletta and the Ospizio Complex including Barbara Arch in Floriana which will host the project MICAS amongst their most notable works.


We are a team of professionals who aim at restoring and glorifying the beauty and history of any project that comes our way. Our employees’ range in experience and expertise and at any point in time we may have as many as twenty-five workers. Each job is carried out with great dedication and pride. We don’t look at each task as a job, but as securing our heritage. Restoration is an art form itself.